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Ferei HL70 1500 lumens Headlamp

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The headlamp FEREI HL70 LED is a powerful headlamp and has a rechargeable battery, wide beam and diffuse, without shadow. This lighting will be suitable for any runner or person looking for less defined lighting and more diffuse while remaining bright and scalable in power. Ideal for night pros, night raids, Nordic trails and cross-country skiing or cross-country skiing, it is light and strong, its battery door is removable and can easily be removed with the extender. Very simple to use, a single central button to access the 9 power modes.

Emergency Mode: 5 lumens (294 hours)
Mode 1: 25 lumens (52 hours)
Mode 2: 52 lumens (24 hours)
Mode 3: 85 lumens (16 hours 50 minutes)
Mode 4: 150 lumens (12 hours)
Mode 5: 250 lumens (7 hours 48 minutes)
Mode 6: 450 lumens (3 hours 30 minutes)
Mode 7: 850 lumens (2 hours)
Mode 8: 1500 lumens (1 hour 10 minutes)

You can also equip it with a double battery door as a replacement or a remote battery to extend the hours of usage!


Led: XHP-50 
Power: 1500 lumens 
Range: 100 meters 
Wide and diffuse beam 
Head and aluminum battery box 
High quality deflector and diffuser 

Battery: Panasonic 18650B (3400mAh) supplied 
Recharging directly in the battery holder

The pack includes

  • The HL65 headlamp

  • 1 Panasonic 3400mAh battery

  • 1 USB direct charging cord