Compressport Men Training T-Shirt

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Loose fit, it is comfortable to wear and does not hinder movements. Constructed in pure lines, it weighs only 80 grams, making it the softest and the lightest of all. The hydrophobic fibre does not retain water and wicks out moisture and sweat.  

Training Tshirt

With its pure lines and casual look, this Training TShirt is more than adapted to all sports.

The Tops of the Training TShirt

  • Thanks to light compressive fibres, especially on the back, the Training TShirt allows that your shoulders stay aligned.
  • With aligned shoulders, breathing to full capacity becomes easier during intense efforts.
  • Recuperation after effort is made easier, thanks to good breathing.
  • As the Tshirt is made in special hydrophobic fibres, sweat and moisture are not retained; bacteria and bad odours are kept aloof.
  • At 80 grams only, you don`t feel the shirt when worn.
  • Mounted without seams, your Training TShirt causes no irritations on the skin.