Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bar

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Apple Pie

Apples from the Mornington Peninsula, Californian walnuts, dates, cinnamon and coconut oil. We’re not trying to say it’s better than your grandma's, but it’s the next best thing and it’s and a lot easier to keep in your pocket.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cacao.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Vanilla.png

Banana Bread

Organic bananas, cinnamon and coconut! This bar does exactly what it says on the label. Not only is it the healthiest banana bread you'll ever come across, it's banana bread you can keep in your pocket and whip out when you're floating out the back of the line-up or enjoying your coffee on the way to work!

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Banana.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cinnamon.png


With 15% of this bar being made of just blueberries and a further 15% being made of Australian macadamia nuts, this bar doesn't taste like bubble-gum or soft drink, rather it is sweet with a wholesome, earthy, blueberry flavour. Chock-full of antioxidants, fibre, potassium and vitamins this bar is a beautiful, wholesome snack your body will thank you for!

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Macadamia.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Blueberry.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png

Cacao Mint

This choc mint bar surprises everyone who eats it. No one believes a bar that is so healthy can taste so good. We combine a strong and decadent, organic peppermint oil with rich, raw organic cacao to make our beautifully smooth cacao mint bar.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cacao.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Mint.png

Choc Orange

Rich, dark, cacao combined with Organic sweet orange oil creates a bar that’s as suited to a classy evening by the fire in Monaco as it is a sentimental snack at the movies.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cacao.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Vanilla.png

Dark Cacao

This bar is where it all began.
A rich, dark cacao flavour that is packed with good fats and lots of energy. Perfectly mated with a strong cup of tea or coffee, Dark Cacao makes for an intensely satisfying snack!

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Wallnut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Pecan.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cacao.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png


Made with raw organic cacao, organic vanilla bean and coconut, this is bar will change your perception of what health food should taste like. It is made with only 5 whole food ingredients but tastes just like a lamington. And I mean, just like a lamington.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cacao.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Vanilla.png

Mac'  Lemon

Made with Macadamia, Coconut and Organic, cold pressed Lemon oil this bar tastes just like your Grandma's lemon slice but lacks the guilt one feels after smashing half a tray of Nan's finest.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Macadamia.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Lemon.png

Sour Cherry

This bar is a tour de force of sour cherries and its flavour practically bursts in your mouth! A huge amount of sour cherries combined with organic coconut and organic vanilla make this bar decadent and moreish with a cheeky, sour bite. You've never tasted a bar like this, it's an experience you won't regret taking!

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cherry.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png


The Brazilian

We asked Australia's Surfing elite "what would you want in a Paleo Bar?" And, after a short discussion, THE BRAZILIAN was born. This bar is both cheeky by name and cheeky by nature. Brazil Nuts, Banana and cinnamon, this bar is full of great, long lasting energy which makes for the perfect pre-surf, pre-workout or breakfast snack.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_BrazilNut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Dates.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Banana.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Cinnamon.png

Wild Apricot

Sulphur free Organic Turkish Apricots, almonds and ginger. Soft in texture and full of flavour, this bar surpasses any apricot bar that has come before it. With a taste similar to that of an ANZAC biscuit, a hint of ginger enhances its sweet, nutty flavour without being overpowering.

BlueDinosaur_135x135_Almond.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Apricot.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Coconut.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_CoconutOil.png BlueDinosaur_135x135_Ginger.png