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DARE To Dream

We come together for one passion. The passion to encourage everyone around us "To Follow Their DREAMs". 

We exist because we believe it's okay to DREAM Larger then Life. Push your mind beyond what's practical and DREAM Extreme. 

THE DREAM CHASER is a multi racial team consisting of athletes from different races, religion, age and abilities. Follow us, join us, in this mission to turn DREAMs into Reality. 

We race to encourage, not to win. We race to share our experiences. We race because we dare to BELIEVE in the beauty of our DREAMs! 

Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating it. Believe and you can. Be a DREAM CHASER!

The Dream Chaser Team

Milton Amat

Linda Poong

Shamsul Adzrin

Rino Irwan

Xin Yun Ng

Ray Lee

Fadly Gan

Ramlan Rasdi

Sholihin Razak

Jeffrey Budin

Richard Tang

Ben Yeoh