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TITI Ultra 50km 2018 by Ahs Nanex

TITI Ultra -

TITI Ultra 50km 2018 by Ahs Nanex

Race Review - TITI Ultra 2018
  • General Race Comments:

Good event and very well organized

  • How was the registration process:
Just bought it from my friend then transfer it to mine. easy process. just completed the form prepared by organizer. Bib transfer was easy and smooth
  • Specific Registration Comments:


  • Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate:

Yes. All is good and well checked

  • Course-Specific Comments:

The route was hot 😂

  • Please rate the finish line area and process:

convenient and easy to access

  • Finish Area Specific Comments:

Big and clear

  • How were the post-race refreshments:

I was the 2nd last runner cross the finish line.so just drinking water left.

  • Post-Race Refreshments Comments:

Add more and make sure all participants got the refreshments

  • Rate the shirt (or other race swag) design:

To colourful

  • Design Comments:

Not bad. Simple and comfort

  • Overall, how enjoyable was this event:


  • Will you attend this event next year:

Maybe, if someone persuade me. haha 😂