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Tailwind Penang Eco 100 2018 by Sandi Menchi

Tailwind Penang Eco 100 -

Tailwind Penang Eco 100 2018 by Sandi Menchi

Race Review - Tailwind Penang Eco 100 2018
  • General Race Comments:

Overall the race/event was well organised, recommended event ultra trail events (please be prepared mentally & physically if you plan to register)😃

  • How was the registration process:

Well organised by the organiser,volunteers were ready to entertain during the REPC process.

  • Specific Registration Comments:

Arrived at SMK Sungai Lembu at 11am,Saturday 12.5,most trail runners were gathered in the hall,getting ready with last minute preparation,mandatory items check & the race yaya timing band,then briefing by the RD.

  • Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate:

The course were all well-marked with reflective stickers & painted "E" (ECO) on the tarmac & trees,all volunteers were alert & supportive.

  • Course-Specific Comments:

Please register Penang ECO 100 at experience it yourself,kidding 😂.
The most brutal ultra trail event in Malaysia.
-1st 50KM loop was heat humidity in (palm oil estate) flat &rolling route,witnessed the stunning hidden view of Frog Hill at CP2 then returned to the school (drop bag)
-2nd 50KM loop the toughest loop among the 3 loops, hike/climb with tough & high elevation,(Tokkun,Seraya,Suling hill) poles are recomended, technical downhill (steep),cloudy weather & less heat,raining last 5KM at rubber estate,bit wet,muddy trail & slippery course,adequate water stations/ Check points every 10KM or less.(water,coke,100plus,tailwind,bananas,oranges,chocolate,bread,cake,cookies,nasi lemak(finished) fried mee(non-halal)

  • Please rate the finish line area and process:

Volunteers were supportive,finisher tee & medal received once arrived at FL.

  • Finish Area Specific Comments:

Good/Comfortable but too many flies.

  • How were the post-race refreshments:

Awesome,nasi tomato,fried meehoon,chicken curry,vegetables & hot porridge served.

  • Design Comments:

too much designs/ colourful.

  • Overall, how enjoyable was this event:

Frankly,i "enjoyed" the trails,hills as much as other runners did.

  • Will you attend this event next year: