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Sungai Menyala Forest Trail 2018 by Sandi Menchi

Sungai Menyala -

Sungai Menyala Forest Trail 2018 by Sandi Menchi

Race Review - Sungai Menyala
  • General Race Comments:

Hot😄 there were enough hydration and marshals and food and ice were available in all CP's which helped me fight the hot weather. Trail marks were visible all the time and all the awas areas😊

  • How was the registration process:

Reg. Process was well organized

  • Specific Registration Comments:

Well organized

  • Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate:

yes it was well marked, marshals were enough to check and cheer and markers were accurate

  • Course-Specific Comments: 

It was a flat technical course, a bit dry this time unlike last year

  • Please rate the finish line area and process:

Finish line area is alive and all you need is availble(food, water, medics)

  • Finish Area Specific Comments:


  • How were the post-race refreshments:

A little dry but still good for hungry runners😊

  • Post-Race Refreshments Comments:

All availble😊

  • Rate the shirt (or other race swag) design:

It's unique👌🏼

  • Design Comments:


  • Overall, how enjoyable was this event:

Very enjoyable! And is recommended for other trail runners😊

  • Will you attend this event next year:

If i am given a chance to attend, yes i will do it again next year😊