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Route 68 Challenge by Erinaziz

Route 68 -

Route 68 Challenge by Erinaziz

Race Review - Route 68
  • General Race Comments:

Good event for those who trying to do ultra road.

  • How was the registration process:

Registrations process are well organized

  • Specific Registration Comments:

So far everything was good.

  • Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate:

Yupp, all is clear and accurate.

  • Course-Specific Comments:

Not so safe for female runner like me, ahahahha. As i ran all alone that night and came a group of motorcyclist kacau me. 😭

  • Please rate the finish line area and process:

Easy to access and fast process at receiving finishing tee and medal. For podiumer we can just collect our prizes without waiting for prize giving ceremony. Hihi. So good for those who plan to go home early. (Bcs I need my beauty sleep) 💁🏻‍♀

  • Finish Area Specific Comments:

Awesome with people cheering here and there! Barula semangat mau finished strong bah!

  • How were the post-race refreshments:

I didnt take any of their food. Hahahahha. So cant comment much. #ondiet

  • Post-Race Refreshments Comments:

No comment. (Ayat retis)

  • Rate the shirt (or other race swag) design:

Long sleeve and i love it! Hope others event can provide long sleeves too! Or can choose either short or long #sismuslimah 🧕🏻

  • Design Comments:

Simple and nice but i think they can do better on the design. 🤔

  • Overall, how enjoyable was this event:

Super challenging!!! sesuai la dgn nama ROUTE 68 CHALLENGE! Its a good start for those who want to challenge themselves in ultra road. Just need to put some extra hard on training and you ready to go!

  • Will you attend this event next year:

REPEAT?? Definitely YES!! but i wont do my 100miles here, hohoho.