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Gopeng Ultra Trail 2018 by Mark Jinmin

Gopeng Ultra Trail 2018 -

Gopeng Ultra Trail 2018 by Mark Jinmin

Race Review - Gopeng Ultra Trail 2018
  • General Race Comments:

Generally the race is runable, crew volunteers were all helpful and the event was well organized

  • How was the registration process?


  • Specific Registration Comments:

I took my REPC at 8pm, don't really understand why the time for drop bag collection is at 9pm and the REPC collection is at 10pm.

  • Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate?

Above average

  • Course-Specific Comments:

The marking was little from CP9 towards Batu Putih Hill to CP6. The reflectors were working good but the caution (red/white mark) was less at certain point. The downhill route to CP6 should be ready with safety ropes, Hanya Tuhan ja tauΒ πŸ˜›

  • Please rate the finish line area and process


  • Finish Area Specific Comments:

All good, the volunteers were all good.

  • How were the post-race refreshments?

Above average

  • Post-Race Refreshments Comments:

No comment, you will eat! πŸ˜›

  • Rate the shirt (or other race swag) design


  • Shirt (or other race swag) Design Comments:

The design was lit and aggresive but the finisher distance is little hidden on your arm

  • Overall, how enjoyable was this event?


  • Will you attend this event next year?

Yes, to those who wanted to try runable trail, Gopeng is the best choice!