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Cameron Ultra 2018 by Izzah Mohd

Cameron Ultra 2018 by Izzah Mohd

General Race Comments: 

A well done ultra trail race management (at least for me) in most aspects.

How was the registration process: 

Online and smooth.

Specific Registration Comments:

Normal online registration, sold out too fast.

Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate: 

Jungle trail - 100% well marked.
Non-jungle trail - 50% well marked.
Some road junctions didn't have marshalls / arrows and had to walk a bit while looking for the reflective tag hung on trees.

Course-Specific Comments: 

The 100km course was truly made to break one's will. Brutally enjoyable for those with true grit to finish it no matter what. Perfect combo of mountains, dirt road, tea valleys and tarmac section. 

Please rate the finish line area and process: 

4/5. Medal and finisher tee was given on the spot. No crew directed me to the food section (runner's entitlement) as my friend was the one who volunteered to take it for me after I sat down.

Finish Area Specific Comments: 

Site arrangement was in order but a bit too cramped maybe for the sake of photographer to get a good close up shot of finishers. Finish area process could be better if crews were on standby to guide finishers to their medal, tee and food collection before they exit the area. 

How were the post-race refreshments: 

Light snacks and heavy food. 

Post-Race Refreshments Comments: 

They might have run out of tea/coffee when I arrived at 7am (only plain hot water left) which shouldn't have happened. Hopefully this won't happen again.

Rate the shirt (or other race swag) design: 


Design Comments: 

Smart and simple design for event tee, finisher tee and medal.

Overall, how enjoyable was this event: 

I truly enjoyed the entire course of my 100km race at CULTRA 2018. All crews were very helpful, God bless them. I hope next time the organiser will provide more markers and station marshalls at all junctions, no exception. They also need to improve on the timing chip / live tracker as many runners were 'accused' of not passing CPs and given the DNF status on online live tracking feed when the timing mat failed to detect us passing the CP. I got the shock of my life as my friend called me during my last 2km run to finish line, asking why my status is DNF coz apparently cp2 and cp3 timing mat didn't detect my chip. Please don't let this happen again next year CULTRA.

Will you attend this event next year:

Obviously I will.