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Bukit Kiara Ultra Challenge 2018 by Siawhua Lim (Champion)

Bukit Kiara Ultra Challenge 2018 by Siawhua Lim (Champion)

General Race Comments: 

12 hours looping trail run, each loop about 6.5KM.
Participant do as much as they can.

Who ever complete 8loops will get a trophy despite a finisher medal.

How was the registration process: 

Registration thru online.

Specific Registration Comments:


Was the course well-marked, marshaled, and accurate: 

The course was well marked, especially every turning point.

Volunteers are friendly and foods provide at station was fantastic and variety.

Course-Specific Comments: 

It’s about 300m gained each loop.

Generally the first 2.5KM was uphill and balance is mostly downhill except on small climb at about KM4.

Please rate the finish line area and process: 

Finishing line is clear from people and not congested issues.

Finish Area Specific Comments: 

A big garden with lots of space available for participants to put their own stuff, and some place for tents.

How were the post-race refreshments: 

Lots of foods and drink variety 

Rate the shirt (or other race swag) design: 

Colourful tee and soft materials

Design Comments: 


Overall, how enjoyable was this event: 

Yes, I do enjoyed the race a lot. Lots of people support and cheer from them. Because this area is near city. People easy to come support.

Will you attend this event next year:

Yes, definetly