Beach Bunch Trail Challenges 100km 2018 by Jessboubie

Beach Bunch Trail Challenge -

Beach Bunch Trail Challenges 100km 2018 by Jessboubie

Race Review - Beach Bunch Trail Challenge 2018
  • General Race Comments:

Shahbandar was the highlight. The trademark was a mental loops. Overall 40% DNF at Shahbandar.

  • Registration process:

Everything went well, crew super friendly

  • Registration Comments:


  • Course well-marked & accurate:

Markings were good except at Shahbandar trail where it's confusing for the first timer & to be fair to all, I prefer one CP at the peak of 14 hill. Along Jerudong highway route was improved when I was escorted by marshal. I feel safe.

  • Course Comments:

Totally crazy by the way. During the race, I keep wondering why am I running here just to do these crazy loops. But happiness come when I arrived at finishing line. I did it again! Horeyy!

  • Finish Area Comments:

Finish/Start line was wonderful with Jerudong mosque as a background. I've been running ultra here twice and every time I'm reaching the finish line the official photographer, the crew never let me down with their cheering vibes. As a 100km finisher a few photo is a must at FL so I can always remember that moment in future.

  • Post-race refreshments:

I don't eat any food at FL but as usually Brunei are still Brunei.There's must be a delicious food they served. Fruits and electrolytes provided at every CP.

  • Shirt design:

This year, I'm in love with the event & finisher tee. The women cutting was really fit to my skinny body. Thanks Ultron

  • Design Comments:

Design was great! The colors combinations also cool not like the ordinary design they made. 100km font was unique.

  • Overall, how was this event:

BBTC has their own rainbows that I'm looking for. Everybody said that flat is boring but to improve ourselves we need to encounter other challenge like looping obstacle then we know how far our mental strength is. This year weather was not too hot compared with last year due to rain. The beach was not as clean as last year. Hope we can keep the beach clean as it should be.

  • Will you attend this event next year:

I'll come again next year hopefully to get the limited edition buckle which is need to complete in 17hours (100km)