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Be A Better Marathoner - Chris Wardlaw

Running Tips -

Be A Better Marathoner - Chris Wardlaw

  • Run long at least once a week to improve aerobic endurance and rhythm.
  • Run long again during the week – it’s the law of specificity that long distance races require long training runs!
  • You need to be "fit" in order to "train". Time permitting, also include one track session, one hill session and one fartlek/interval (short and intense) session per week. All long runs should have some easy, steady and hard. 
  • The hard-easy principle is found in every good programme. Make sure you have recovery days.
  • Use the environment, especially in Hong Kong where you have some wonderful trails to strengthen the whole musculoskeletal system. 
  • Look after yourself and avoid injury. Eat well. Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth twice after. Training through an injury is madness. 
  • Travel light – lose a few kilograms and you’ll shed plenty of time as well.
  • Think in terms of 1-2 year programmes and start from the finish, always thinking how each workout gets you closer to the big goal.
  • Respect the taper and no "super sessions" before big races - except those that haven't trained as you can't taper nothing!
  • Don't forget to “enjoy your running and tap into inner motivation” - Franz Klammer. 

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