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A Comparison Table of Running Head Torches Available

Obviously, everyone will have their own personal preferences when it comes to buying a head torches that is suitable for their own, but here is a quick ready reckoner comparing most of the head torches available by lumens, battery life, weight, waterproof, price and value ($ per lumen).

From the point of view of quality of light and general comfort, many runners liked the Ay Up Run Kit and the Lupine Piko, while everyone was unanimous that 200 lumens was a bare minimum of light if you planned to run the trails.


Budget - Ferei HL08AA - HK$2.68 / lumen 
Midrange - Ferei HL20AA / HL40AA - HK$1.48 / lumen 
High end- Ferei HL50 - HK$0.86 / lumen


Check out Ferei collection here

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