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An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Sholihin Razak

Ambassador, TDC Team -

An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Sholihin Razak

Mohd. Sholihin

1. When did you start your 1st Ultra race? What encouraged you to do so?

I started in year 2015 for my first ultra (Penang Ultra 84km). I was inspired to join this event as I want to challenge myself. I think why people can do it and why can't I. Think positive and you can do it

2. What are your most memorable race(s)? Why?

My most memorable race is Tahan Climbathon and why is become of the memories from being in a team of 7 strong man, who crossed the finishing line together in victory. During race we regroup, cross rivers, went through deep mud, and this is considered one of the most hardcore technical trail vertical in Malaysia

3. What are your personal advice or the newbies going into ultra-races?

You have to be prepared in terms of whatever challenge you will go through. Training hard is a must to get good result

4. As part of "The Dream Chaser", in your own words explain how you contribute to the ultra-running community?

Nothing is impossible. Your DREAM awaits you!