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An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Shamsul Adzrin

Ambassador, TDC Team -

An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Shamsul Adzrin

Shamsul Adzrin

1. When did you start your 1st Ultra race? What encouraged you to do so?

1st Ultra Race is Beaufort 60k 2015. I just wanted to know what my limits are.

2. What are your most memorable race(s)? Why?

Memorable race is BTS100 Ultra 2017. My best run because I truly run for myself and I get a best position in this event.

3. What are your personal advice or the newbies going into ultra-races?

Take it easy on early part of the race. The race only really starts when you hit the 2nd half of the distance. Most importantly always listen to your body.

4. As part of "The Dream Chaser", in your own words explain how you contribute to the ultra-running community?

I just want to share my experience and encourage ultra-running community to run healthy. And part of running is not all about winning but friendship among runners.