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An interview With Our Brand Ambassador Ray Lee

Ambassador, TDC Team -

An interview With Our Brand Ambassador Ray Lee

Ray Lee

1. When did you start your 1st Ultra race? What encouraged you to do so?

I started in year 2013. I always believed that our mind is so much stronger than our body, and that was what made the completion of my first ultra possible!

2. What are your most memorable race(s)? Why?

Superace Inner Mongolia 2014 Multi-days Ultra Marathon. First time experience desert race with extreme weathers and terrain.

3. What are your personal advice or the newbies going into ultra-races?

Race Smart, Don't Race Hard

Never Try, Never Know

4. As part of "The Dream Chaser", in your own words explain how you contribute to the ultra-running community?

Sharing the experience and skills with newbies and other seasonal runners within our community.