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An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Ramlan Rasdi

Ambassador, TDC Team -

An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Ramlan Rasdi

Ramlan Rasdi

1. When did you start your 1st Ultra race? What encouraged you to do so?

I started my first Ultra Road in 2013, Tour de Malaysia 50km. As for my first Ultra Trail, it was in year 2016, Compressport Ultra Trail 50km. Friends and family encouraged me to join Ultra Trail. I encouraged myself. Because of my passion towards running and trails, I signed up to participate to proof to myself that I can.

2. What are your most memorable race(s)? Why?

My memorable race are Compressport Ultra Trail 2016 - 50km (Champion Team of 2 Category), Penang Ultra 100 year 2016 completed ultra 100km.

3. What are your personal advice or the newbies going into ultra-races?

Train smart, learn and listen to your body. Prepare well and train according to your set schedule. Follow a good nutrition plan. Do your homework! Gear matters a lot! Learn from experiences and always come back stronger!

4. As part of "The Dream Chaser", in your own words explain how you contribute to the ultra-running community?

To promote multi-dimensional culture of ultra running. To support the growth of ultra running. To become a mentor and model to new ultra runners.