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An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Linda Poong

Ambassador, TDC Team -

An Interview With Our Brand Ambassador Linda Poong

Linda Poong

1. When did you start your 1st Ultra race? What encouraged you to do so?

Start running in 2012. My 1st ultra-race is Translantau 50km 2014. I just wanted to challenge myself to know what my limits are

2. What are your most memorable race(s)? Why?

My most memorable race is Borneo Deadmarch 250km 2016 (multi day stage race). I truly enjoy the race running from Sandakan to Ranau in 5 day.

3. What are your personal advice or the newbies going into ultra-races?

My personal advice is always listen to your body and remember to train smart, rest and eat well.

4. As part of "The Dream Chaser", in your own words explain how you contribute to the ultra-running community?

I just want to share my experience and encourage ultra running community to run healthy.